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Polystyrene Foam Trays

Looking for the best foam trays and polystyrene trays for food? Servous offers polystyrene trays in all sizes, shapes, and for different food applications.


Polystyrene is one of the world’s most effective insulating materials, and Servous offers an array of different polystyrene foam trays. Our foam polystyrene trays are regularly used across produce stands, delis, supermarkets, quick-service restaurants, and more. 

Whether used to bundle vegetables in the produce department or to wrap up sliced cheeses and meats, our polystyrene foam trays are essential to any high-functioning foodservice facility. Because we understand your facility has unique needs, we provide foam trays in different shapes, sizes, colors  and for different food applications. 

Best of all, our experienced consultants will get to know your needs and guide you to the best foam tray solution. 

Why Choose Polystyrene Foam Trays for Foodservice Applications?

Today, there are a number of different types of foam trays. However, if you’re looking for FDA-approved, safe for food contact food trays, our expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam trays are the perfect solution. 

These types of foam trays are lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and can continue delivering excellent performance characteristics over an extended period of time. A few key reasons why foodservice facilities utilize EPS foam trays are:

  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Exceptional thermal insulation
  • Lightweight, easy-to-carry design
  • Can be recycled
  • Extremely durable
  • Can be branded with printing and adhesive labeling
  • Versatile in strength
  • Can be easily organized in a shingled or stacked manner
  • Shatter-resistant — even in extreme temperatures.
  • Available in different sizes and shapes
  • Resistant to compressions
  • High-shock absorbency
  • FDA-approved for food use

In addition to being food safety compliant, polystyrene foam trays are a more sanitary type of food packaging due to being disposable. 

And if you operate a blast-freeze operation that introduces the trays to 28° F or more for an hour, some solid materials will become brittle. However, our foam polystyrene trays are uniquely designed to remain stable across a vast range of temperatures. 

Environmental & Economic Benefits of Polystyrene Foam Trays

Polystyrene foam trays are a low-density material, which means there is a lot of air in the product. In fact, polystyrene foam trays have an air composition that ranges anywhere from 96-98% air while having 2-4% polystyrene. 

Polystyrene Foam Trays Can Help with Source Reduction

Because of the low amount of polystyrene content, using polystyrene foam trays means you are reducing the amount of material you use. This is a process called source reduction. In addition to keeping your costs down, there is much less material that will end up in a landfill. 

Polystyrene Foam Trays Are Recyclable

At the same time, our polystyrene foam trays are recyclable — contrary to popular belief. Polystyrene foam trays have the #6 recycling symbol and can be extruded into polystyrene solid pellets. Then, the pellets can be reused to make products like:

  • Foodservice packaging
  • Coat hangers
  • Picture frames
  • And more 

Find Different Types of Wholesale Styrofoam Food Trays

You can enhance the overall presentation of your foods on display and/or offer your customers a reliable carry-out foodservice container with our styrofoam polystyrene foam trays. Our disposable food foam trays can be easily stored in refrigerators to keep vegetables, meats, cheeses, and carry out food fresh and in peak condition until use. 

At Servous, we offer different types, colors, and sizes of food foam trays. You can even choose different colors and thicknesses. Some of our most popular are:

  • Square Supermarket Polystyrene Foam Trays
  • White Polystyrene Foam Trays
  • Blister-Type Polystyrene Foam Trays 
  • Deep Polystyrene Foam Trays
  • Multi-Compartment Foam Trays
  • 3- and 5-Compartment Polystyrene Foam Trays
  • Polystyrene Foam Trays for Meat
  • Black Polystyrene Food Foam Trays
  • Blue Flat Polystyrene Food Trays
  • Heavy-Duty Foam Trays
  • And More Polystyrene Foam Trays in Virtually all Colors

Our polystyrene foam trays are a relatively inexpensive and practical way to enhance your supermarket’s display. 

Is Polystyrene EPS Foam Trays the Same as Styrofoam Trays?

While most people assume polystyrene foam trays are synonymous with Styrofoam, the two are very different products. Styrofoam is a name that is owned and trademarked by Dow Chemical Company. Manufacturing Styrofoam involves minimizing the amount of air that gets through the material, which makes it extremely tough. 

The toughness of Styrofoam makes it ideal for construction applications, such as floor insulation, wall insulation, roof insulation, etc. It is also used for crafts, arts, floral, and special events. 

On the other hand, our polystyrene EPS foam trays are made through a molding process that injects substantial amounts of air while still capturing the insulation advantages of foam. This allows the material to leverage the excellent insulation qualities of foam while using exponentially less of it.

Learn More About Polysytrene Foam Trays

Contact Servous for High-Quality, Affordable Polystyrene Foam Trays

At Servous, we are the leading vendor and wholesaler for different types, shapes, and forms of polystyrene foam trays. Due to the variety of polystyrene foam trays available, it can be difficult for managers to choose the best product. 

Fortunately, the experienced product specialists at Servous can help. We will conduct a brief needs assessment and match your needs to the best solution. In addition to an array of polystyrene foam trays and our consultative process, you will enjoy:

  • Excellent product quality
  • Exceptional value throughout the process
  • Tailored solutions at every step
  • Flexibility in color, design, and style
  • Fast order fulfillment and shipping
  • Unwavering commitment to customer service.

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