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Molded Fiber

Molded fiber products (MFPs) are among the most environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions on the planet. Read more about our wholesale MFPs.


Along with bagasse, molded fiber products are among the most environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions available on the market. And at Servous, we offer an array of different molded fiber products designed to help food service facilities meet the needs of their customers and set their brand apart. 

As a leading wholesale vendor of MFPs, our molded fiber products are manufactured to the highest of standards leveraging state-of-the-art molding technologies. This results in the creation of ultra-durable, cost-efficient, attractive, and eco-friendly products that your clients will appreciate. 

What Are Molded Fiber Products (MFPs)? 

Molded fiber products can be manufactured from post consumer content, waste paper, and other natural fibers; while bagasse is manufactured from renewable resources like wheatgrass and sugarcane. Once discarded, these products can be composted commercially to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization. 

At the same time, using molded fiber products can act as a signal to customers that your business cares about the environment. A growing number of food establishments, such as fast-casual dining restaurants, healthcare facilities, and more are switching to MFPs as their preferred packaging solution of choice. 

Common Food Packaging Products of Molded Fiber Products

Renewable molded fiber packaging products are used across an array of industries. These ultra-durable and flexible solutions offer economical and eco-friendly packaging. Some of the most common types of molded fiber food packaging products include:

  • MFP carry-out food containers
  • MFP clam-shell containers
  • Plates, bowls, cups, and food serving trays
  • Egg cartons and trays
  • MFP trays for fruit and vegetables
  • And more

Why Choose Molded Fiber Products?

When you choose renewable molded fiber products as your food packaging and storage solution, you can open the door to a full host of enticing benefits.

Reduce Your Organization’s Carbon Footprint

One of the top benefits of molded fiber products is they are extremely environmentally friendly. These products are made out of natural, fibrous material, which makes it:

MFPs Can Empower You to Close the Loop

Molded fiber products can be manufactured from recycled material. During the manufacturing process, the water and fiber used can be reused and recycled for the future, which results in almost no waste. 

Because of this, using molded fiber products can be the perfect way for your company to close the loop. And this is becoming increasingly important as more and more consumers expect or demand more environmentally-friendly solutions from brands they use and trust.

Bolster Your Brand Equity

Today, it’s more important than ever for brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. And using molded fiber products can be the perfect way to align your business as an eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious firm. 

In doing so, you can greatly increase your brand equity, which allows businesses to charge higher prices for their products and services. Simply put, when customers believe in your brand and the steps you’re taking to protect matters important to them, such as the environment, they are more likely to willingly pay higher prices. 

Molded Fiber Packaging Products Are Cost-Efficient

Because these versatile packaging products are manufactured from either recycled materials or byproducts, you will enjoy immediate financial savings. Each molded fiber packaging product is designed for the application, which means there is no additional assembly required. 

And this reduces your labor costs. At the same time, molded fiber costs are further reduced because they’re not related to the potentially volatile petroleum-based resin market. Finally, you’ll likely save on shipping costs due to the compact size and lightweight nature of molded fiber products.

Molded Fiber Products Boast Excellent Performance

Molded fiber offers very similar performance as plastics, foams, and corrugated products. For instance, molded fiber products can host wet foods, hot foods, and more without leaking. The unique chemical structure of molded fiber products can also prevent moisture from escaping while locking in steam. 

Molded Fiber Products Offer a Range of Temperature Performance Characteristics

These food packaging products also maintain structural integrity and functionality at a vast range of temperatures. Specifically, molded fiber products do not become brittle when frozen; nor do they melt when placed in a microwave. 

These remarkable performance characteristics are important because no matter the sustainability or cost of a product. 

Maximum Protection

Molded fiber products are regularly used for storing fragile and delicate products throughout the packaging and moving process, such as eggs. The unique, custom design of molded fiber products reduces the likelihood of damages and losses incurred by manufacturers. 

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