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Disposable Cups

At Servous, we offer a vast variety of different disposable plastic cups and paper cups. Read more about our wholesale, bulk plastic and paper cups.


At Servous, we offer a vast variety of different types of disposable cups, which are non-negotiable for any establishment that serves beverages. Available in different shapes, types, materials, and capacities, we offer bulk disposable cups for every application. 

Regardless of your needs, Servous will help you find the best and most cost-efficient disposal cup solution. Read more about the different types of wholesale disposable paper cups and disposable plastic cups. 

Buy Wholesale, Bulk Plastic Cups

Servous offers a huge array of ultra-durable and reliable plastic cups for almost every price point and application. You can choose from translucent plastic cups, clear plastic cups, or plastic cups in different colors to match your brand. 

We also offer options such as ribbed cups, smooth cups, and rolled rims to reduce the likelihood of leaks and spills. If you’re looking for bulk higher-end plastic cups, we can help there as well. Regardless of your needs or goal, a Servous product specialist can match you to the best solution. 

All of our plastic cups are manufactured from durable plastic materials designed to resist breaking and cracking. And most of our plastic cups can be branded and customized to the needs of your facility. 

Learn more about the wholesale, bulk plastic cups we have for sale.

Polystyrene Cups

When you’re in need of a sturdy and reliable plastic cup option, our wholesale Polystyrene cups present an excellent choice. These cups are composed of a durable, rigid plastic material known as Polystyrene, which provides outstanding insulation properties, maintaining the temperature of both hot and cold beverages for extended periods.

An added advantage of Polystyrene cups is their transparency, allowing your customers to view their drinks, thus adding a visual appeal to your beverage service. In addition, these cups can resist cracking and breaking, offering you reliable performance and reducing waste. We provide a range of sizes and styles, so you can select the best fit for your business’s unique needs.

Customize your Polystyrene cups with your brand’s logo or colors to create a consistent and professional appearance. With the assistance of Servous product specialists, the customization process becomes straightforward and hassle-free.

Discover more about our Polystyrene cup offerings here.

PET Cups

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) cups are another fantastic option for businesses seeking eco-friendly, durable, and versatile beverage containers. Made from a type of plastic that is easily recyclable, PET cups help businesses show their commitment to sustainability while providing a high-quality customer experience.

Our PET cups come in a variety of styles and sizes, and they are excellent for serving cold beverages, as they are resistant to condensation and maintain the chill of drinks. These cups’ crystal-clear design allows for showcasing colorful beverages, making them an excellent choice for smoothies, juices, iced coffees, and more.

Like our other offerings, PET cups can be personalized with your branding to provide a consistent customer experience and promote your brand.

Let Servous assist you in finding the perfect PET cup solution for your needs.

Soufflé Cups

Soufflé cups, also known as portion cups, are an essential item for many foodservice businesses. Whether you’re serving condiments, dressings, or small portions of food, these cups offer a convenient and hygienic solution.

Our Soufflé cups are available in a range of sizes and materials, including durable plastic variants that resist breaking and leakage. They are perfect for take-out services and catering events, where portion control and convenience are critical.

At Servous, we offer customizable Soufflé cups to suit your brand and business needs. Choose from a variety of colors and options for custom branding to make these cups uniquely yours.

Consult with our Servous team to explore the range of Soufflé cups we have on offer.

Buy Bulk Paper Cups for Sale 

As the second most popular form of disposable cup, paper cups are a very popular option for restaurants and food service facilities. Servous offers several different types, styles, and sizes of bulk paper cups for virtually every type of restaurant or foodservice facility.

The majority of our paper cups are non-toxic, biodegradable, and resistant to tearing. In addition, we offer insulated paper cups that are ideal for coffee bars and other food establishments that serve hot and cold beverages. 

Most of our paper cups can be branded, printed, and customized to the unique needs of your business. In either case, the team at Servous will work to understand your unique needs and connect you to the best solution. 

Learn more about some of the different types of paper cups we offer.

Learn More About Disposable Cups

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Servous is the leading provider of bulk disposable cups for restaurants and foodservice establishments. In addition, we offer a full catalog of food packaging solutions designed for the back and front of your establishment. Some of the common foodservice supplies we offer include: 

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