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Biodegradable Packaging

Servous offers the best biodegradable food packaging containers and products. Learn more about wholesale biodegradable food packaging solutions.


If you’re looking for the best food packaging solutions, the team at Servous can and will help. We regularly partner with retail stores, food trucks, restaurants, grocery stores, and several other foodservices and retail businesses. 

We offer a full array of food packaging products and solutions in several forms, including biodegradable packaging. Let’s take a closer look at biodegradable packaging. 

What Are Biodegradable Packaging Solutions?

Biodegradable packaging refers to materials that will break down and return to nature — usually within a year or less. These packaging materials must decompose into elements that are natural and safe for the environment. 

This helps minimize the buildup of trash in landfills, which leads to a healthier, cleaner environment. At Servous, we offer an array of biodegradable solutions that offer the durability and performance you want while being carbon neutral. Examples of our most popular biodegradable foodservice packaging solutions are: 

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Biodegradable Food Packaging Solutions?

The environmental benefits of biodegradable food packaging products are immense. Biodegradable materials break down within a year, so they do not have to be stored in landfills for indefinite periods of time. 

This reduces the risk that waste will end up clogging sewers or contaminating groundwater and nearby soil or end up littering the ocean. Additionally, biodegradable packaging decomposes into natural elements, so it will not release toxins or chemicals that might harm the environment. Other benefits include:

  • Manufacturing tends to be more efficient.
  • Less energy is used to create them than other types of plastics, which means that they are better for the environment.

Is Biodegradable Packaging Safe for People?

Biodegradable materials are safe for people. They break down into elements and nutrients that are natural, which means they do not pose the same risks as petroleum products or toxins might create. 

Biodegradable packaging is often packaged in recyclable materials like paperboard boxes to reduce the environmental impact even further. Examples of food-safe biodegradable packaging include:

What Are Biodegradable Food and Takeout Containers Made of?

Many biodegradable food containers and takeout boxes are manufactured from different types of renewable plans. Common examples of these materials include bamboo, sugarcane bagasse, corn, and more. 

For a container to be considered biodegradable, it has to be able to return the environment back into a natural state. To do that you must break down within a year or less and decompose into elements found in nature (soil, water, etc.).

Biodegradable vs Compostable

While all compostable packaging is biodegradable, not all Biodegradable Packaging is compostable. What’s the difference? Compostable packaging breaks down into fertilizer, but biodegradable materials are those that will break down and return to nature.

Both are very environmentally friendly and offer immense benefits. Whether it’s biodegradable or compostable materials, you can use the following tips to ensure maximum shelf life from your product:

  • Locate a dry, cool place to keep them in.
  • Store them away from sunlight or other sources of UV light
  • Keep them in an airtight container for maximum longevity.

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