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PET Cups

If you need quality, low-cost disposable PET plastic cups in bulk for restaurants or foodservice businesses, then we can help. Read more about our PET cups.

PET Cups with Custom Logo

Disposable cups play an integral role in the food and beverage industry, offering consumers a high degree of convenience, hygiene, and portability. Among various types of disposable cups, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic cups are becoming increasingly popular.

Features of PET Cups

PET plastic cups are crafted from a high-quality material that belongs to the polyester family. These cups are lightweight, yet sturdy, and offer exceptional resistance against gases, solvents, and moisture. Their crystal-clear construction allows businesses to showcase the contents of the cup, enhancing its appeal. This visual aspect can be especially beneficial for outlets serving visually striking beverages such as smoothies, frappes, tea and more.

Use Cases for PET Cups

PET cups are suitable for a wide array of settings, including bars, cafes, smoothie stores, coffee shops, and any place of business offering cold drinks. PET cups are available in popular sizes, including 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz, and one convenient lid size fits all these cup sizes.

Benefits of PET Cups for Businesses

PET plastic cups not only fulfill practical requirements but also offer significant benefits to businesses. With the option to print up to six colors, these cups can be customized with a logo, enabling businesses to create a unique brand identity. As customers carry these cups around, they essentially become walking billboards for the business, increasing brand visibility.

Moreover, PET cups are exceptionally durable. This durability makes them appear more premium and communicates a message of care and quality to customers.

Environmental Impact

In the era of environmentally conscious consumers, PET cups stand out as a ‘clean’ solution. They are recyclable and, due to their high durability, can be reused without losing their visual appeal. By choosing PET cups, businesses can meet their customer’s needs while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Choose Servous for Your PET Cup Needs

PET plastic cups offer an ideal solution for businesses in the food and beverage industry. With their clear, durable design, and environmentally friendly properties, they are an excellent choice for any business. Customizing these cups with a brand logo and colors can create a memorable experience for customers while also serving as a form of advertisement.

When selecting a type of disposable cup, it is important to consider all use cases. The team at Servous is ready to assist businesses in making the best, most informed decision. With PET cups, businesses can achieve the perfect balance of practicality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

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