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Looking for the best biodegradable meat trays & produce trays? Servous offers bagasse solutions tailor-made for you. Read more about our eco-friendly trays.


At Servous, we are proud to be the leading wholesaler of meat and produce trays. We also offer 100% biodegradable and compostable bagasse trays in virtually all sizes for several applications. 

Best of all, our bagasse trays are the premier eco-friendly storage solution for meat, produce, and more. Whether it’s through at-home composting, recycling, or industrial composting, our bagasse trays make the right decision, the easy decision for you and your customers. 

Wholesale Bagasse Raw Meat & Takeout Trays

Looking for environmentally-friendly meat trays for your restaurant, deli, or other foodservice facility? Our premium bagasse meat trays will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our bagasse meat trays are manufactured from sugarcane fibers and will completely compost in as little as 90 days. Whether it’s ribs, roasted chicken, lamb, lobster, goat, ham, or any other meat, our takeout bagasse meat trays are proven to be the perfect solution. 

Explore our bagasse meat trays.

Wholesale Bagasse Produce Trays

If you’re looking for eco-friendly produce trays, our premium bagasse meat trays will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. These 100% compostable and biodegradable trays are the perfect solution for storing virtually any type of fruit, vegetable, or produce. 

Explore our bagasse produce trays

What Is Sugarcane Bagasse?

Very simply, bagasse is the name for the left-over sugarcane fiber that remains once the cane has been processed into sugar. Because it is considered a waste product, bagasse requires no extra resources to produce it, which makes it extremely environmentally friendly. 

As the fiber for the sugarcane plant, bagasse is a natural waste product of sugar production. And sugarcane farmers produce almost 79% of the world’s sugar. This means there are massive tons of available bagasse produced. 

At the same time, sugarcane is a rapidly renewable resource with the same classifications of cork and bamboo. Sugarcane can actually completely regrow in as little as 10 months, which makes bagasse a greener alternative to wood and paper. 

Benefits of Bagasse Meat and Produce Trays 

Once the bagasse is processed, it can be transformed into different products. One of the top uses of these ultra-durable fibers has been to make food storage products, including highly durable and reliable food trays. These naturally robust fibers boast a full range of benefits:

  1. bagasse food trays are soak proof
  2. Perfect for raw or prepared meats
  3. They’re highly resistant to moisture and grease 
  4. Extremely sturdy and can resist flexibility
  5. Requires no wax lining or plastic lining
  6. Microwave safe and freezable, which means it can be used for both cold and hot items.
  7. Available in white and natural color 
  8. Completely compostable and biodegradable.

Why Not Use Styrofoam Food Trays?

While popular, styrofoam food trays can pose a significant hazard. The food held in the styrofoam can be contaminated by chemicals that leach into the food. These chemicals are known to negatively impact the individual and their reproductive systems. 

At the same time, styrofoam is resistant to photolysis — the breakdown of material — which means it may last forever. In fact, research from Cleveland State University suggests it takes over a million years for styrofoam to decompose. 

Another major downside to using styrofoam is its production. Styrofoam is made from petroleum, which is a non-sustainable resource that results in massive pollution. Working toward reducing your dependency on styrofoam is critical to protecting the environment. And switching to trays made with bagasse is an excellent place to start.

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