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5 Types of Foodservice Trays: Know This Before Buying

Whether it’s a supermarket, quick-service restaurant, healthcare cafeteria, fast food restaurant, casual dining, or any other type of establishment that serves food, foodservice trays are critical to meeting the needs of your customers. At Servous, we are a top food service provider for different types of restaurant supplies.

We are proud to offer an expansive array of different foodservice trays, such as fast food trays, serving trays, and much more at virtually every price point. We also often partner with food service businesses that serve everything from appetizers to full meals at catered events.

Simply put, we are the one-stop-shop for all types of restaurant supplies and food trays. As leaders, we regularly partner with restaurant managers, fast-food managers, retail store managers, and every other type of food service customer to provide cost-effective food packaging solutions. 

Unlike other food service packaging supplies, we take a professional, consultative approach to understanding your needs and guiding you to the best solution. Whether you need food service trays for fast food, cups for drinks, disposable serving trays, rectangular trays, or any other type of restaurant supplies, the team at Servous will simplify your search and provide personalized solutions.

As a leading supplier of food service supplies, we offer a full catalog of durable, ultra-reliable trays for cafes, cafeterias, food service establishments, and restaurants. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types of fast food trays, disposable kitchen trays, and food service trays.

Colored Polystyrene Raw Meat Trays

One of the most popular types of food packaging products are raw meat trays. These price-conscious trays are often used to store raw meat and similar types of food. We offer the raw meat tray in foam, a sustainable bagasse material, and more.

What Do Foam Tray Colors Mean?

Savvy grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and food service establishments leverage the different tray colors for strategic purposes. By keeping different colors of raw meat trays in stock, you can help prevent biological, chemical, and physical hazards within your restaurant or supermarket.

Examples of how customers use colors include:

  • Yellow foam tray colors can be reserved for chicken or poultry.
  • Green foam tray colors can be used for produce, fruit, or vegetables
  • Blue foam tray colors can be reserved for fish, crab cakes, and other types of seafood products

Clamshell Take Out Trays & More

Whether you operate cafeterias, quick service restaurants, or any other type of kitchen or foodservice establishment that offers takeaway food, take out trays are paramount. At Servous, we offer a full array of different types, forms, and shapes of clamshell takeout trays.

Common Types of Clamshell Takeout Trays

Some of the most common types of clamshell takeout trays include:

  • Paperboard clamshell serving trays packaging and containers
  • Plant fiber clamshell packaging materials
  • Cornstarch PLA clamshell products
  • Sugarcane bagasse clamshell packaging and containers
  • Styrofoam clamshell cafeteria trays

Applications of Clamshell Trays

As cafeteria trays and take out packaging, clamshell trays are often used for:

  • Salads
  • BBQ Ribs
  • Burgers
  • Bread
  • Pies
  • Sandwiches
  • Side items
  • And more

Regardless of the application, we keep an expansive array of clamshell trays and packaging solution

Disposable Paper Food Serving Trays

One of the most popular types of food service trays is paper food service trays. While not notoriously durable, these types of trays are extremely cost-effective and provided at a great price. 

In fact, the economical price of these restaurant trays is one of their most desirable attributes. These types of trays are often used by quick-service restaurants, country convenience stores, and any other type of kitchen to handle and hold dry products. 

Paper food service trays are often ideal for a cafe serving dry deserts and similar types of foods.

Understanding the Different Types of Paper Tray

Some of the most common types of paper trays used by fast food and other types of food service establishments include:

  • Paper boat trays
  • Hot dog paper trays
  • Daycares and cafeterias use the paper tray to serve snacks
  • Red and white checkered trays
  • Grease-resistant paper trays
  • Kraft paper trays
  • General cafeteria tray
  • And more

With an endless number of applications, the paper tray can help reduce potentially hazardous food handling.

Paper Trays Can Be Environmentally Friendly

You have the option to select and shop eco-friendly paper trays that are:

  • Biodegradable paper food trays are those that can be broken down by biological organisms without causing harm to the environment, and
  • Compostable paper food trays will organically degrade into nutrient-rich, organic matter in the right environment. Compostable paper trays are engineered to leave no toxic residue or visible signs of its existence.

Bagasse Sugarcane Trays

When it comes to sustainable, environmentally friendly trays for foods, our bagasse trays are near the top of the list. Bagasse is the waste that remains after a manufacturer turns sugar cane into sugar.

Because it’s traditionally considered a waste product by manufacturers, bagasse requires no extra resources to produce it. This makes bagasse trays and food packaging products among the most environmental solutions on the planet.

At the same time, sugar cane bagasse is available in abundance and is considered to be a rapidly renewable resource. Sugarcane can actually completely regrow in as little as 10 months, which makes bagasse a greener alternative to wood and paper. 

Types of Bagasse Trays

Currently, there are a growing number of food packaging applications being developed. But some of the most common bagasse food packaging products include:

  • Bagasse meat trays
  • Bagasse produce trays
  • Bagasse raw meat trays
  • Bagasse takeout trays
  • Bagasse multi-use takeout chicken box
  • And more

Cornstarch Trays

Another emerging, eco-friendly food packaging solution is cornstarch packaging. These products are made when a manufacturer uses the polylactic acid (PLA) found in cornstarch. The manufacturer utilizes cornstarch PLA because this material performs similarly to other popular plastics:

  • Polyethylene is a key building block in bottles, plastic films, and more.
  • Polypropylene is used in textiles, auto parts, and packaging
  • Polystyrene is used in plastic cutlery and Styrofoam.

Key Performance Attributes of Cornstarch PLA Trays

While cornstarch PLA material looks and performs like plastic accessories, it boasts a range of admirable properties and benefits:

  • High aroma barrier
  • Food safe
  • Resistant to oils and fats
  • Excellent for print applications
  • UV resistant
  • Completely compostable
  • Can be recycled by grinding
  • Low flammability

Environmental Benefits of Cornstarch PLA

In addition to offering dynamic performance characteristics, cornstarch PLA is extremely environmentally friendly. For starters, cornstarch PLA is derived from a renewable resource and is:

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