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Paper Bags

Find the best, customized paper bags for retail shopping centers, bakeries, pharmacies, medical facilities, and more. Read more about our paper bags.


At Servous, we are the leading provider of different commercial and business paper bag solutions. We offer a vast range of fully customizable paper bags for all industries. Recognized as an innovator, we are the trusted source for retail, grocery, foodservice, pharmacy, and other industries.

You can access an extensive selection of bags, including compostable bags, bags with handles, direct-food contact bags, and even bags manufactured from recycled content. Most importantly, the team at Servous specializes in matching your unique needs, budget, and goals to the best paper bag solution.

No matter the need or end product, we will help you navigate your way to and through the outcome you desire. Read more about some of the most common paper bag solutions we offer. Don’t see the exact paper bag you need? Simply reach out to us for a tailored solution. 

Paper Shopping & Retail Bags

The paper shopping bag you use for your business can add value in more ways than one. And the team at Servous can help you unlock the full potential and maximize your ROI. At Servous, we offer a variety of paper shopping and retail bags across a full array of sizes, such as: 

  • 1/6 
  • 1/7
  • Regal
  • Super Royal
  • Unprinted
  • 4-Color Print
  • Kraft Paper bags
  • Bagasse Retail Bags

In addition, you can choose from a vast selection of premium bags with handles, no handle, flat handle, twisted handle, and more. In either case, the team at Servous will work closely with you to tailor your paper bags to the unique needs of your business. Once we understand the application and your budget, we can ensure your goals and clients’ needs are met. 

Learn more about our paper shopping and retail bags.

Pharmacy Bags, Medical Bags, Dispensary Bags & More 

Today, it’s more important than ever for local pharmacies to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways we can help you do just that is with a custom pharmacy bag. We are home to a generous selection of stylish pharmacy bag designs that can be easily customized for your store. On the other hand, we can create a completely unique and custom design to help differentiate your pharmacy. 

Regardless of your needs or goals, Servous offers tailored solutions to help you achieve them. We keep a large inventory of the most popular pharmacy bag design, such as:

  • Square Bottom Bags
  • Gusseted Pharmacy Bags
  • Flat Pharmacy Bags
  • And more

With ample versatility and flexibility in mind, our pharmacy bags are proven to be ideal for everything from customer impulse buys at the counter to prescription drugs. As industry leaders, the team at Servous regularly works with pharmacies, hospitals, dentist offices, veterinarian clinics, and dispensaries of all sizes. Because of this, we specialize in providing generic pharmacy bags, custom pharmacy bags, and more with low minimums and in quantities as low as one case at a time. 

Learn more about Pharmacy and prescription bags.

Bakery, Pastry, and Bread Bags

If you’re looking to store, protect, and extend the freshness of your bread or pastry, our specially formulated bread bags are the perfect solution. And because one size-never-fits-all, we are home to an extensive array of different styles and designs of bread bags. From traditional bread bags to baguette bread bags to cookie bags to a wide array of large loaf bags, Servous will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

You can even show off your baked goods with brilliant window bags, or you can opt for tailored bags with your bakery logo. Best of all, most of our bread bags are manufactured from post-consumer and biodegradable paper, which offers the perfect eco-friendly touch. 

  • Available clear plastic window to show off your products
  • Customize your bakery bag with specialized design 
  • Select up to four different colors
  • Choose from eco-friendly and recyclable designs for your bakery.
  • Choose from 4-pound, 5-pound, 6-pound, and 12-pound bakery bags.

Learn more about our bread bags.

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