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Sustainable Packaging Supplies Servicing Supermarkets, Retailers, C-Stores, QSR & Foodservice


Find affordable, customized bags and packaging solutions at Servous. We offer retail paper bags, seafood bags, reusable totes, produce bags, and more.


At Servous, we are the leading provider of different types of bags for businesses and commercial facilities. Enhanced by a versatile pricing model, we are able to efficiently meet the needs of:

We offer bags by the world’s most innovative and reliable bag manufacturers. Our product line covers the gambit, including bags with handles, specialty bags designed for direct food contact, bags made with recycled content, compostable bags, and more.

Because we are the preeminent provider of different types of bags, we offer customizable solutions that you can depend on. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for a new bag provider, the team at Servous can and will help. Contact us today for a tailored solution.

Discover Bagasse Bags

At Servous, we are proud to offer bags made from sugarcane bagasse. The fiber left after sugarcane has been processed is known as bagasse, which is a byproduct of sugarcane processing.

Bagasse is one of the most sustainable packaging materials available on the market.

Bagasse bags are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags that help distinguish your grocery store, foodservice establishment, or business from your competitors.

Learn more about our eco-friendly bagasse bags.

Explore Paper Shopping Bags Solutions

Whether you’re looking for retail shopping bags, pharmacy bags, prescription bags, medical marijuana bags, high-quality bread bags, or anything in between, Servous can help. In fact, we are the leading provider of business and commercial bag solutions. We regularly partner with business owners and managers to create affordable and effective packaging alternatives.

We offer an extensive selection of compostable bags, bags with handles, direct-food contact bags, and even bags manufactured from recycled content. A few of the most common types of retail bags we offer include:

No matter your industry, we can help design a unique final product that meets your needs. Once you find the best retail shipping bag solution, we offer an array of customization options. In addition to your brand name, logo, and hours of operation, we can tailor your bags to best reflect and amplify your brand voice. And we will help you navigate your way to and through the entire process to the outcome you desire. 

Learn more about our retail paper shopping bag solutions.

Browse Reusable Bags

At Servous, we offer an endless range of reusable bags. These bags are extremely eco-friendly, versatile, and represent endless marketing and advertising opportunities for your business. Because we are a wholesale tote bag provider, we can customize your bag based on your unique news. As the leading wholesale provider, we offer:

  • Highly economical PPNW heat-sealed bags that boast a two-color print option
  • PPNW laminated bags that can be laminated in full color 
  • RPET laminated tote bags that are manufactured with recycled water bottles

In addition to reusable totes, we are also the leading distributor of customized wine tote bags. And like most of our bag solutions, our wine tote bags can be fully customized to your needs and objectives. 

Learn more about reusable totes and reusable wine totes

Shop Seafood Bags

Our micro-perforated seafood bags are designed to protect your fish, crabs, shrimp, and other seafood. Recyclable and disposable, these freezer-safe seafood bags are resistant to tears and are engineered to add noticeable value to your product. At Servous, we offer seafood bags in an array of sizes. And as with all of our products, we offer customization options. 

Learn more about our seafood bags

Browse Deli Bags

Our specialized deli bags are the perfect way to properly showcase your cheeses and meats. Each bag is specially formulated to keep your product fresh for an extended period of time. In addition to customizing your deli bags with key brand information, you can add value to your bags with resealable zipper bags and slider bags. We keep a large inventory of deli bags in stock, but we can provide custom sizes upon your request.

Browse our deli bag options.

Explore Produce Bags

Our specially formulated produce bags are the ideal way to keep produce fresh. These bags are manufactured to promote the escape of ethyl gas that can help extend the life of produce. At Servous, we offer different types of produce bags, including narrow roll and regular roll. Most importantly, we can help you understand the pros and cons of each type of produce bag. This way you can make an informed decision. 

Learn more about produce bags

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As a business owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate. And it can be easy to overlook the importance of your bag. Fortunately, you have an entire team of bag specialists at your disposal at Servous. After we get to know you, your business needs, and your budget, we can customize a solution that helps you achieve your goals. 

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