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Compostable Straws

Servous offers wholesale, bulk, and affordable compostable straws for all types of foodservice facilities. Learn more about biodegradable, compostable straws.


Whether you’re just foraying into the world of eco-friendly practices or are looking to further reduce your business’s carbon footprint, our compostable, eco-friendly straws are the perfect solution. 

Our biodegradable and compostable straws are manufactured from 100% bio-based, renewable materials to reduce the carbon footprint of your facility and customers. Compostable straws will naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic materials and can be used as fertilizer. 

At Servous, our compostable and biodegradable straw products are the premier solutions for any facility looking to embrace sustainability. We are proud to offer a vast range of different sizes and types of bulk compostable straws. Learn more about our eco-friendly straws.

What Are Eco-Friendly Straws?

Environmentally-friendly straws are typically made from bio-based (usually plants) materials that will safely biodegrade or compost fully in commercial compost facilities.

  1. Biodegradable straws are manufactured from 100% renewable materials, including corn plastic. These straws are designed to degrade without leaving toxic residue or visible residue.
  2. Compostable straws are designed to naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic materials that can be used as fertilizer — in the right conditions. 

In general, there are two broad categories of compostable straws:

  1. PLA compostable straws
  2. Marine-Degradable PHA biodegradable and compostable straws.

Buy Bulk Compostable & Biodegradable Corn PLA Straws

One popular compostable and the biodegradable straw option we regularly offer are PLA straws. PLA or polylactic acid straws are engineered to look and feel identical to plastic straws. 

However, PLA straws are manufactured from cornstarch and are 100% compostable. PLA is a polyester that is derived from renewable biomass, which is usually fermented plant starch, such as:

  • Sugarcane
  • Cassava
  • Corn starch
  • Sugar beet pulp

Because these straws are manufactured from a renewable bioplastic material, it’s commercially compostable. In addition to degrading into fertilizer, bioplastics like PLA have little to no impact on the food supplies or prices. 

Our compostable PLA straws are among the top choices for businesses looking to make the switch from traditional to compostable or more eco-friendly solutions. 

Buy Bulk Compostable & Biodegradable Corn PHA Straws

PHA straws are another type of compostable straw. Polyhydroxyalkanoate or PHY is an eco-friendly material created from canola oil. Like PLA straws, PHA straws are 100% plastic-free. 

The biggest difference between PLA and PHA straws is that the latter are designed to be more marine biodegradable and soil biodegradable. In fact, our PHA straws are hyper compostable and will safely break down in industrial as well as home composting setups.

Buy Wrapped & Unwrapped Wholesale Compostable Straws in All Sizes

We offer both wrapped and unwrapped compostable straws in all sizes. Each wrapper is carefully printed with an eco-friendly message that lets your customers know your business has made an environmentally-friendly decision. 

Because our compostable straws are designed to look and feel like plastic without the environmental impact, your customers will enjoy the same great experience they’ve come to expect.

At Servous, you can choose compostable straws in different colors as well. In either case, when you choose our eco-friendly compostable straws as an alternative to traditional options, you can move your business closer to being carbon neutral. 

Whether you switch completely to compostable straws or keep them behind the counter for customers upon request, Servous can help you maximize the impact of your green decision.

Contact Servous for Wholesale Compostable Straws

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint and becoming a more sustainable company, Servous can help. We offer compostable, wholesale straws designed to perform as effectively as traditional straws without the potentially harmful environmental effects. 

In addition to compostable, biodegradable straws, we offer a full range of traditional and sustainable products designed for food service facilities. Some of the common foodservice supplies we offer include:

And we partner with all types of facilities and establishments, such as: 

Contact Servous today for bulk, eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable straws.

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