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Paper Cups

Servous offers insulated, poly-coated, eco-friendly, wax-coated, and other types of disposable paper cups. Learn more about wholesale, bulk paper cups.


At Servous, we offer an expansive inventory and selection of all types of paper cups. Whether you have a casual dining restaurant, quick service restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, or any other type of food service establishment, we can help you find the best and most economical disposable paper cup. 

We are the leading provider of bulk paper cups and food packaging solutions for every kind of facility. Our seasoned professionals offer years of experience and specialize in helping our customers understand their options and make the most ideal choice.

Simply put, at Servous, we don’t just sell an expansive array of cups. We provide tailored solutions. Let’s look at a few of the most popular types of disposable paper cups we offer. 

Buy Bulk Insulated Disposable Paper Cups

Our insulated disposable paper cups are the perfect solution for restaurants that offer hot and cold beverages, such as coffee houses. While traditional paper cups may be dangerous for consumers to hold because of radiating heat, insulated cups are built for it. 

Insulated cups offer a higher temperature capacity, which means they conduct less heat energy. This is achieved by creating air pockets of insulation to prevent air from passing through in the middle. 

As a cost-saving measure, insulated paper cups will reduce the need to use double cups or to use coffee sleeves. In other words, by using the right solution for the job, you can generate cost savings and create a better customer experience. 

At Servous, we offer both double-walled insulated paper cups and ripple paper cups. Both of these solutions are uniquely engineered to keep hot beverages warm without harming patrons. 

Buy Wholesale, Bulk Poly-Coated Paper Cups

Designed to increase safety, poly-coated paper cups feature an extra coating for additional insulation. Similar to insulated cops, these cups are also perfect for serving cold and hot beverages.

Our poly-coated paper cups can have either double or single poly coating. With these types of cups, each extra layer offers an added level of rigidity. In addition to ensuring liquid stays inside of the cup, the poly-coating helps prevent the decomposition of the exterior often caused by sweating. 

Servous offers a vast array of poly-coated paper cups in different sizes, colors, and styles. These cups are different from wax-coated cups because poly-coated cups will not sweat because of condensation. 

Find Bulk, Wholesale Paper Cups Coated with Wax

Wax-coated cups are another popular type of cup used by fast food restaurants, quick-service restaurants, movie theaters, parks, and more. Wax-coated cups are often utilized to hold large volumes of ice tea, shakes, and convenience store soda. 

However, wax-coated cups should only be used for cold beverages. Attempting to use these cups for hot beverages can result in the waxy outer layer melting. 

If your facility only offers cold beverages, the wax-coated cup can be the perfect, cost-efficient solution. In fact, these cups are the preferred, more economical choice for cold beverages when compared to poly-coated cups. 

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Paper Cups

If you’re looking for versatile, eco-friendly, sustainable paper cups, the Servous can help. Our eco-friendly, disposable cups are the perfect solution for foodservice businesses who are looking to establish a sustainability commitment or looking to further reduce their carbon footprint. 

Because we offer several different types of eco-friendly, sustainable, bulk paper cups, we will guide you through the process, explain all of your options, and help you make the best decision. A few different types of eco-friendly, sustainable solutions we offer include:

  • Biodegradable paper cups
  • Compostable paper cups
  • Recyclable paper cups
  • Paper cups made with post-consumer recycled content

Contact Servous Wholesale, Bulk Paper Cups

As your experienced food packaging partner, Servous offers a full catalog of different disposable paper cups in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Our customer service professionals offer years of experience helping business owners and managers select the best solution. 

In addition to all types, shapes, and sizes of disposable paper cups, we offer:

At Servous, we regularly partner with local, regional, and national brands to deliver affordable and fast solutions. A few of the top foodservice facilities we serve include: 

Contact Servous today for customized disposable cup and food packaging solutions.

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