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Foodservice Packaging

At Servous, we regularly partner with restaurants to provide an array of supplies and packaging solutions. Read more about our foodservice packaging supplies.


At Servous, we regularly partner with casual, dine-in restaurants to provide an array of supplies and packaging solutions. Our foodservice packaging solutions are perfect for all types of casual dining restaurants and establishments.

In fact, the team at Servous will work closely with you to understand your brand and guide you to the best solution. From affordable eco-friendly packaging solutions to customized carry-out food trays and bags, we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Some of the most common supplies and products we offer restaurants include:

  • Foodservice gloves
  • Trash bags
  • To-go cups and lids
  • Carry-out bags
  • To-go containers
  • And more

We Provide Wholesale Supplies for All Types of Restaurants 

At Servous, we service all types of restaurants by offering customized products and solutions. Our product experts specialize in helping restaurants improve almost all aspects of customer experience:

  • Fine dining establishments have a formal atmosphere and high-end decor. We offer several top-end, premium quality solutions designed to help create and nurture your brand’s ambiance. 
  • Casual dining establishments can vary significantly based on the targeted customer base and brand. No matter the case, Servous can help. We can help you customize your packaging solutions to best meet the needs of your customers and brand.
  • Contemporary Casual restaurants represent a growing sector. These modern and trendy eateries have a very specific brand. Most of these types of establishments follow strict eco-friendly protocols while offering healthier food options. And the team at Servous can help by offering a host of eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable options and solutions.
  • Family-style restaurants offer a casual or upscale atmosphere, which involves customized supplies and packaging. The team at Servous can help you define and maintain the right atmosphere. 

Carry-Out & Take-Out Bags for Restaurants 

At Armor, we offer the complete line of industry-leading restaurant carryout bags. Our ultra-reliable restaurant carry-out bags are available in several different sizes and shapes for your unique foodservice needs. 

Our stock restaurant food carryout bags are available in white paper or kraft paper. You can further customize your restaurant’s bag with a stylish comfortable paper twist, different handle types, various paper substrates, and print options. Standard sizes include:

  • Bistro Carry Out Bags – 10 x 6 3 ⁄4 x 12
  • Jr. Mart – 13 x 7 x 13
  • Regal – 12 x 9 x 15 ¾
  • Royal – 14 x 8 x 14 3 ⁄4
  • Super Royal – 14 x 10 x 15 3 ⁄4
  • Grande – 16 x 11 x 18 1 ⁄4

Learn more about our carry-out and to-go bags for restaurants.

Customize Your Carry-Out Bags

When you choose carry-out or take-out bags from Servous for your restaurant, we will make customizing your solution as easy and streamlined as possible. Our restaurant experts will guide you through the process and ensure the desired results are achieved. 

You can add key elements that represent your brand, such as name, logo, catchphrase, and more. And we can help you further customize and tailor your carry-out bags with the best handles, colors, and other options. We can work to create a tailored packaging solution to help your clients feel your brand even when they’re not in the location. 

Eco-Friendly Take-Out Bags & Foodservice Packaging

At Servous, we offer an entire lineup of eco-friendly foodservice packaging solutions and supplies. For example, our carry-out and take-out paper bags are extremely environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment. 

In fact, we offer carry-out bags that are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable, which allows the bags to be consistently reused and used. We also offer premium carry-out products made of sugarcane and cornstarch — both of which are compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Learn More About Foodservice Packaging

Contact Servous for Foodservice Packaging Supplies 

At Servous, we are the leading wholesaler of restaurant supplies and food packaging solutions. We offer virtually everything you need to complete your take-out, dine-in, or delivery orders. However, this is only the beginning! Every time you choose Servous, you’ll also enjoy: 

  • A high level of customization 
  • Flexibility in design, color, and style
  • Exceptional value 
  • Unwavering commitment to customer service
  • Fast order fulfillment and shipping
  • Excellent quality

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