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The Benefits of Molded Fiber That You MUST Know About

The increasing demand for more sustainable packaging has encouraged the growing packaging manufacturing sector to create many new product options, including molded fiber packaging, or MFPs.

There are many benefits of molded fiber including its cost, sustainability, and size and shape customization for specific applications.

The materials used, recycled paper and pulp, is attractive as an economical and eco-friendly packaging solution that is very easy for manufacturers and shippers to work with.

What is Molded Fiber?

Molded fiber packaging is made from recycled papers such as cardboard and newsprint as well as recycled pulp. Used across many industries, it is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to other packaging solutions, such as plastics, and is purpose-designed for the product it will carry.

How Molded Fiber is Made

One of the key benefits of molded fiber is in how it is made. The eco-friendly solution uses the waste products of paper manufacturing (excess pulp) as well as recycled paper materials. The all natural fibers are molded into different shapes depending on what the packaging will be used for.

During the manufacturing process, the water and fiber materials used can be reused and recycled so that almost no waste is generated. This makes molded fiber a sustainable product that takes into account not just the materials used, but also the manufacturing process and finally, the disposal process, to achieve its high sustainability and eco-friendly rating.

The Custom Packaging Benefits of Molded Fiber

Similar in performance to plastics, foams, or corrugated packaging, each molded fiber package is designed for a specific use case and, because of that, performs very well.

Chances are, you’ve handled molded fiber if you’ve received a shipment or opened a package that contains delicate items such as electronics, beauty supplies, health & medical supplies, and food and beverages such as jars of jam or bottles of wine.

Molded fiber is even used for eggs at the supermarket as the trays can be molded to the exact shape needed to protect its very delicate contents.

Benefits of Molded Fiber for Shippers

For retailers and distributors who ship fragile goods, molded fiber offers a way to speed up the packaging and shipping process. Designed for easy insertion into the mold, items being shipped no longer require the laborious task of wrapping and taping. Using molded fiber packaging, no assembly is required for the shipper! 

At the other end, the recipient has a much easier time unpackaging their items. And, the durability of molded fiber provides less likelihood of breakage, reducing the strain on shippers to replace broken items.

Benefits of Molded Fiber for the Foodservice Industry

The food & beverage industry, in particular, is driving the molded fiber packaging market due to the increase in consumers who place takeout or delivery orders or have foods and beverages shipped to their home. 

As more orders are placed, more packaging is needed. And, as more packaging is needed, disposal of those packaging items becomes a growing concern.

For foodservice establishments such as grocers, delis, QSRs, and restaurants, molded fiber can be used for food service trays, containers, and beverage carriers. Here are some of the most common foodservice applications for molded fiber:

One of the major benefits of molded fiber for foodservice providers is that it has the ability to hold in steam and prevent moisture from escaping, allowing it to handle wet foods and hot foods well and without leaking. 

Molded fiber also maintains its structure enabling it to be used for reheating foods in a microwave or to be placed in a freezer for storage without disintegrating. 

Environmental Benefits of Molded Fiber

Molded fiber boasts a great number of favorable benefits for our environment.

Considered one of the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions there is, molded fiber is recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, and even incinerator friendly.

Made from already recycled products, molded fiber can be re-recycled. Molded fiber packaging is best composted in a commercial facility that will ensure the optimal conditions are met for rapid and full composting. 

Consumers and businesses can feel good knowing that the packaging is a better solution that plastics when it comes to disposal time.

Business Benefits of Molded Fiber

Molded fiber packaging allows consumers and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint through what is a highly sustainable product that is eco-friendly to manufacture and dispose of.

This benefit can help increase brand equity by being associated as an eco-friendly business that takes into account consumer preferences. 

Businesses that promote their eco-friendly, sustainable solutions, have the ability to charge more for their products as consumers place a higher priority on protecting the environment and are willing to pay more for that responsibility.

Cost Benefits of Molded Fiber

For businesses that use molded fiber as packaging for shipments, they can save on shipping costs since molded fiber is both lightweight and compact. They can also reduce labor costs since packaging items for shipment using molded fiber is much quicker than  hand-wrapping them.

Ask Servous About Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging for Your Business

Businesses who choose molded fiber benefit from cost savings, custom-fit packaging that is easy to use, and the brand recognition benefits of using sustainable packaging by savvy consumers.

As consumers continue to increase their awareness of what sustainable, eco-friendly packaging options are available, Servous will continue to offer the best products available for the foodservice businesses that rely on us every day.

Let our specialists at Servous walk you through our different molded fiber or other eco-friendly packaging options. We’ll help you find the right solutions for your store or restaurant to match your budget.

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