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5 Benefits of Switching to Sustainable Food Packaging for Your Facility

Multiple sustainability initiatives have been deployed to offer better food packaging, delivery, and takeout solutions. In fact, sustainable food packaging trends are on the rise. 

Whether it’s the use of recyclable packaging, compostable materials, recycled plastic, renewable resources, or any other type of environmentally friendly packaging, a growing number of foodservice restaurants are opting to meet consumer demand for sustainable food packaging solutions.

Food companies that implement such packaging into the supply chain can open the door to a vast range of enticing benefits. Namely, using sustainable alternatives can help companies reduce their environmental impact. 

Sustainable packaging follows strict manufacturing practices and uses materials with minimal to no effect on energy consumption and natural resources. At the same time, sustainability in food packaging enables businesses to reduce their food packaging costs while cutting greenhouse gases significantly. 

And if you’re looking to learn about more eco-friendly food packaging solutions, the team at Servous can help. At Servous, we offer a full range of sustainable packaging materials that can be easily incorporated into your supply chain.

From bagasse compostable materials to innovative recyclable packaging, Servous can help you reduce your environmental impact and open the door to a host of benefits by using sustainable food packaging solutions. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few key benefits foodservice businesses enjoy when they switch to sustainable food packaging solutions instead of conventional plastics.

Sustainable Food Packaging Can Cut Overall Carbon Footprint

Compostable packaging and biodegradable materials for food packaging are eco-friendly solutions designed to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Implementing compostable food packaging solutions for food products translates to lower carbon emissions, which can reduce the harm caused to the surrounding environment and habitat collection systems.

By reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions released by packaging producers, you can limit your company’s overall environmental impact. Very simply, when you transition from single-use plastics to more sustainable packaging solutions for your food products, you can do the environment and your business a huge favor.

And what’s good for the environment can be very good for your bottom line. Specifically, you can improve your brand’s responsiveness in maintaining environmentally-conscious practices.

Sustainable and Compostable Packaging Enhances Brand Image

Statistics show that 45 percent of customers prefer engaging with environmentally responsible brands, such as ecologic brands and those that offer eco-friendly food packaging solutions. Out of these consumers, 44 percent claimed that they would rather settle with a brand that supports recycling and food waste reduction.

That clearly means when you invest in food packaging options that are eco-friendly, you’re strengthening your brand’s reputation. In other words, by using eco-friendly plastic packaging solutions, you’re creating a positive consumer experience while modernizing your brand’s image.

At the same time, eco-friendly food packaging can give your business or restaurant an edge over competing brands. This is because being committed to the environment matters to a growing number of consumers. It matters so much that a growing number of consumers are willing to pay more for services and products offered by eco-friendly brands.

An Eco-Friendly Approach Can Increase Company Sales

As mentioned earlier, a growing number of consumers are paying attention to brands that are more environmentally friendly. And these consumers are looking for brands that have heavily invested in the circular economy and sustainable food packaging solutions.

For example, clients are more than 44 percent likely to choose a restaurant or foodservice company that uses packaging materials designed to be eco-friendly and safe for the environment. This makes eco-friendly food packaging solutions one of the most effective ways to attract and retain clients.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions Can Save Money

While it’s clear that sustainable food packaging solutions can increase sales and endear customers to your brand, this is only the beginning. Your commitment to using safer, more environmentally conscious products can actually save your restaurant money. Because of their lightweight nature, sustainable new packaging solutions cost less to ship, which equals immediate savings. 

Contains No Toxins or Allergens

Eco-friendly plastic packaging and food packaging solutions are free from allergies and toxins. And at Servous, we offer an array of different shapes and types of toxin-free eco-friendly food packaging solutions. 

Our packaging solutions are FDA approved and engineered to meet all food packaging standards without causing lots of food waste. Two of the most popular types of sustainable packaging materials we offer are bagasse and cornstarch packaging supplies.

Sustainable Bagasse Food Packaging Supplies

Natural, extremely renewable, and safe, bagasse is manufactured from a plant fiber waste product left from the processing of sorghum, sugarcane, or agave. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet. 

And at Servous, we offer bagasse food packaging products in an array of shapes and styles:

Sustainable Cornstarch Food Packaging Supplies

Cornstarch food packaging is manufactured from cornstarch. As a 100% compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging material, cornstarch manufacturing has significantly less environmental impact than other petrochemical-based plastics. 

And because the product isn’t made from plastics or chemicals, there are no toxic materials that can leak into your food — all while maintaining the consistency and feel of traditional plastic. And Servous offers an array of types and styles of cornstarch food packaging solutions.

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If you’re looking to move away from single-use plastics or are looking to use less plastic food packaging solutions, the team at Servous offers a host of sustainable solutions. In fact, we are the leader in offering sustainable, eco-friendly food packaging solutions that meet all regulatory requirements.

To learn more about your sustainable food packaging options, contact Servous today.

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